Powerful Ways to Show Love to Your Children

Our children are most important to us . However, our love is the biggest gift we could ever give to our children. Here are some ways to show love that will support them in creating a more fulfilling and loving life!

  1. Spend Time with Your Children –Our Time is the most precious gift we can give to our children. By taking time out of our busy schedules to see what they are involved in is a precious gift.
  2. Be a Strong Role Model — Teach practical values to your children by modeling those values.  Use words like “I’m sorry,” “please,” and “thank you.”
  3. Listen to Your Children –  Children need to communicate their pride of accomplishment as well as their needs. If you listen to your children deeply, they will grow up listening deeply to you.
  4. Provide Loving Discipline — Use non-violent forms of discipline. Children need guidelines and safe boundaries without being constrained unnecessarily.
  5. Always be Encouraging — Encouraging words are powerful emotional deposits of confidence and self-esteem. Loving them and praising their accomplishments are all part of this process.
  6. Be emotionally available for your children  –  When your child is angry, argumentative or in a bad mood, give him a hug, cuddle, pat, secret sign or other gesture of affection he favors and talk with him about his feelings.
  7. Share Your Experiences with Your Children – We all have valuable, life learning stories to share with our children.  Sharing these stories is a loving way to guide your children.
  8. Provide unconditional Love and Support — Love is an unconditional gift from the heart;  This message creates a sturdy bond of trust and your children will grow to feel safe in coming to you with any problem they face.
  9. Own a Pet — Owning a pet can make children, especially those with chronic illnesses and disabilities, feel better by stimulating physical activity, enhancing their overall attitude, and offering constant companionship.
  10. Make family Time — Mark family game nights on your calendar so the entire family can be together. This encourages a strong bond that will then create a more loving, encouraging and forgiving family.
  11. Involve your children in cooking activities — One of the best ways to familiarize your child with good food choices is to encourage him to cook with you.
  12. Provide the Necessary Tools for their Personal Growth – Provide them with  as much as possible by encouraging them and providing the equipment and instruction needed in this growth, whether it be educational, spiritual or sports oriented.
  13. LOVE is the one word that can sum up If you could sum up , all of our children’s needs, hopes, and expectations in one word, that word would be LOVE . We share love in every aspect of their lives and by doing so, this creates a guiding influence for our children  for many generations.
  14. And last but not least…NEVER ever stop telling your children that you LOVE them.



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