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I was getting ready to write my first speech for Toastmasters, which was very scary for me because I have never done public speaking before.
Thinking about what I wanted to write and used the Coaching concept of Goal setting.  As I sit down to write the article, well AFTER flipping through the mail, I come across the Toastmasters Magazine.  Right on the front page was the article “The value of setting goals.” Perfect!

Did you know the majority of people don’t have life goals, and if they do, they don’t write them down or follow through with them? Life gets in the way and they just push them aside.  Living their life as it’s dealt to them.  Life happens when you’re busy making plans. Right here, it says it all…Goals won’t help, I have no energy!  I can’t do anything!
That’s where I was 2 years ago when I decided being a 9 – 5er was not working for me.  A single mom, paying a mortgage and having a life was difficult on a limited budget.  But what choice did I have?

After a couple of different jobs, and much soul searching, I decided if I wanted to succeed and have the freedom I was seeking; I had to be willing to take risks. Around the same time a friend contacted me about Life Coaching and invited me to one of the sessions. It’s this invitation that made me create a list of goals for myself, write them down, and pursue my career as a life coach!

Having a love for people has directed me to the Coaching Industry.  Some often find themselves with no focus, no goals, unhappy with their career… they are just STUCK!  My ability to assist them in finding their true being will lead them to fulfilling their goals and ultimately their dreams!!!!  To expand on the client/coach relationship, I will be offering seminars, CD’s and DVD’s to further assist my clients.  Providing them with such media and information will in turn be the foundation needed for myself and my family to pursue my own goals and fulfill my dreams!

With that said, my other goals are rather modest. A log home overlooking the lake, a wake board boat with sky skies, wake boards and other water toys to share with friends and family! Can you see if now? Basking in the sun with a nice cold beverage  ahhh…Oh sorry.  Lost myself for a moment!  Since my son and I are avid boaters, these items are a must in our lives!  We sky ski and wake board throughout the year.  To expand our knowledge and show our love for the sports, we would be attending to the several water sport tournaments.  Having a house on a lake is very special to me.  The serenity from the water is one that I can share while working with my clients.  The thing about Life Coaching is that people FEEL you and know how you are being with them even though they can’t see you.  There is nothing more calming than listening to the water splashing on the shore.  So you see, it’s not just a place to live, it’s a place to share with everyone that is a part of my life, family, friends and clients alike.

Next one is travel related. I have never explored outside of North America and to expand on that is a life long dream!  First stop, France. Visiting the Bordeaux regions, and doing the fancy pants wine tasting at the Moet ET Chandon vineyards!  The vast fields of laden grape vines, the Chateaux where the walls, if they could talk, would tell you centuries of tales!  And the main event, the wine tasting! I watch in anticipation as the sommelier pours each of us a glass of wine!  The Legs of the wine streaming down the sides of the glass, the bouquet that tickles your nasal passage and oh the flavor that brings your taste buds alive as you swish the around in your mouth!  What a decadent experience.  Now add a little cheese and chocolate; Oh my…isn’t life grand?

Onto the next place we go!  Tokyo JAPAN! Konichiwa   My son’s love for martial arts, Japanese culture and Darn good sushi, has made this a must place to visit!  Walking along the streets of Tokyo amidst the thousands of people would be an experience in itself.  Coming across a little DoJo, looking like a little hole in the wall, is nothing but that inside.  The weaponry, the kicking bags, the bamboo walls, Korey is awe struck! The Dojo master enters and Korey introduces himself and explains, in Japanese, why we are there.  They invite us to a training session which has produced a smile on his face that will linger for quite some time! I myself think I’m going to die!!!  The aches and pains…did I sign up for this?
Lunch time!  Having worked up a sweat we wanted sushi.  As we sat we were greeted with quite the, lets say, interesting experiences.  Have to tell you, I am a rather Outgoing person with the “food that I don’t know” I decided to stick with the basics, you know California rolls, tuna Salmon.  Stuffed beyond our beliefs, we decide to walk it off through some of the gardens.  The array of colors and rocks in these areas are amazing.  Again, every garden has a story.  What a great read they would be!!!

African safari time! My friend, Randy shared his adventures and treks of when he backpacked through Africa.  His experiences and stories have me captivated! He had the opportunity to play with baby cheetahs, to see the hyenas from the top of the vehicles at night roaming through his camp or simple listening to the lions roar. His story telling brings you right there and places you amidst the lions! Then to see the Egyptian pyramids up close in all of their majesty!  Standing at the base of the sphinx
People speak of their adventures but to get the true gist of it all, you must just go out and do it! But really this is all about with the people and cultures; getting to know who they really are and what the world is really all about. The idea with these travel adventures is not about the scenery or the places  but the ability to share this experience with my loved ones!

Now these dreams and goals may seem a little unrealistic to some.  But why should they?  Are not all dreams obtainable if we just set it in our minds and our hearts?  Maybe life does get in the way, but only if we let it.  So why not dream big, why not take the chance?  Why not set these goals?
You don’t have to go to Africa, you can just GO!
I believe goals are important in life.  They give you something to focus on and work towards   Here is a takeaway from the Toastmasters Magazine that evening that will assist you or your friends in fulfilling your goals :  First:
1-    Write them down
2-    Be clear and Specific
3-    Make them measurable
4-    Set a time limit…A what by when
5-    Break projects down into small, more manageable units
6-    Establish Stepping stone goals
7-    Post goals around the house

With that mitt full of information go out and create your goals!  Tell everyone about what you have heard!  If they need that kick in the pants, have them call me and I’d be glad to assist them in their pursuit of happiness!!!!



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