What Every Parent Should Have Access To

Have at least one trusted friend or family member you can call on day or night
These friends or family can also be life savers when you are sick or when there is an emergency. A family member or friend who understands and is there unconditionally and who will be there in your time of need

Be prepared with items in your bag/purse
Gum, granola bars/trail mix, wet-wipes, band-aids, address book, kids book to read, water bottle, cell phone or quarters and your camera. Anything that you can use in time of crisis or if you are delayed in an appointment or have a small emergency

Have a good, reliable babysitter or daycare
Having access to such a person is mandatory for work and for times when you just “need a break”. Trust plays a major role in this area for it’s difficult to find someone who is outside the family environment that you can trust. Take your time and be very choosy when selecting a babysitter

A friend who understands you
Someone who understands who you are and how simple things are going out for coffee and what having grown up conversation means to you. Someone who is willing just to be there and listen and BE with you

Make lists for when you shop
It simplifies things and keeps you organized. It also limits the trips that you have to take to the store when you “forgot” something

Keep an emergency $20 in your wallet
And leave it there. You never know when an emergency will come up that you need that extra couple of dollars

A best friend
Someone who has no strings attached and who is there for the “heavy work”or the work you just need help with
Someone who is there to reflect your thoughts and and fears about life who can give you opinions and advice from a different perspective

A safe and reliable Doctor
A doctor who you can trust and confide in. Someone who understands and can relate to your situation

Save money
Parents often struggle living paycheck to paycheck. But even a limited amount, as low as $10 would be beneficial to your future

Enjoy it
Appreciate every minute of it. Being a parent is not easy.
Treasure this job and treat each day as a gift. A gift that you are a part of your children’s lives



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