8 Ways to Change Your Negative Ways of Thinking

Sometimes life just happens. Everyone around you is saying when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Just forget it all happened. Yeah right. Pretty hard to do when things are going sideways. However, you can change your state of mind rather than dwelling on the negative aspects of it all. This is far from the rah rah articles that you read all the time, the “just think this way and your life will flourish.” This is REAL! It’s about changing your whole thought process.

Anything familiar in here?

1.‘My life sucks’ Way of Thinking – You are not happy with anything in your life. Everyone and everything that you associate with is bad. All the people have an agenda and it’s not positive. All is wrong in the world

2.‘Jumping to the wrong conclusions’ Way of Thinking– You jump ahead and making decisions without any substantial evidence. This is such a negative and destructive pattern that can effect you in all aspects of your life. Reality is so clouded that you create your own visions of events without thinking sensibly. You tend to make a lot of conclusions without any evidence to back up your conclusions.

3.‘Poor me syndrome’ Way of Thinking – Nothing good and worth while will ever happen to you. You’re not worthy. This is such a self destructive thought process and is stemming from a serious lack of self esteem.

4.‘Everyones’ negative thoughts ’ Way of Thinking – You think everyone around you is thinking negative thoughts about you and how you are. This leads to your own self depleting thought process and everything around you is bad.

5.‘I should have, could have but didn’t’ – Way of Thinking – You know exactly what it takes to succeed and move forward to change your life. You have all the tools and are quite capable. The only thing you are missing is the action to move things in the right direction. Stuck in the IF ONLY syndrome.

6.‘Losing control of your Emotions’ Way of Thinking – Everything you are thinking and doing is based on your emotions and the inability to focus on what is real. This links to your lack of self esteem and you not being worthy of success.

7.‘It’s all my fault’ Way of Thinking – You blame yourself for everything bad that is happening around you and your friends and family. You are the cause for every negative event that transpired in your life. Everything is your fault.

8.‘Nobody else is as capable as I am’ Way of Thinking – Nobody can do anything as you. You feel that everyone around you is incompetent and that you just do everything yourself so you don’t need to rely on anybody else.

I just revealed to you some of the most common ways of thinking that we all go through in our lives. I was very fond of the drama and the emotions way of thinking. In fact, I was a master of it. Then the poor me would kick in and we would all have a big party together! Wow what a productive and fun life that was! But I made a decision to change all that. I chose to become a coach and that action alone began my life changing process. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from perfect but I am real and I am human. I am learning and growing all the time. I made the decision to make those changes and change my “state” once and for all. I love my life and I want you to be have the ability to change that thought process as well, once and for all.
This is how I did it!

Admitting there is a need for change – It’s called denial! I don’t have a problem, I don’t need to change. If you like the way you are and do not feel the need to change, then don’t. If you want this change then you have to see how you perceive your life. We are all different and everyone’s life and circumstances are different. This all comes down to how we think in our daily life. If you think that things are outstanding then they will be outstanding and you will manifest things as such.

How you use these destructive ways of thinking – We make the decision to think positively from a powerful place. Using different thought processes and patterns depending on the circumstances and events that occur. Recognizing when you use our negative thinking process supports you in changing the thought patterns and changing your state.

Changing your “state” – Your state is where you are in your thought process, your state of mind. How to change it is an exercise, that with practice will come you to you naturally. You can choose to do it slowly or use this thought process to speed up the results.

Get sad…and as soon as you get sad, get sadder, and sadder and then even more sad…almost weeping. The think of something that instantly makes you feel happy. Now repeat this process with quicker changes…make sense? Practice this exercise on an ongoing basis and when you start to think of anything that is less than happy, you know how to instantly change your state.

It’s all in the action and the desire to change, nothing else. If there is the want to then there is a way to. Always is!
The new Ways of Thinking
Now that you have been able to recognize some of the destructive thinking patterns that you have acquired throughout your life, you also have the a few ideas on how to change those patterns.
It’s a choice…you either want to be happy and live a fulfilling and joyful life or you don’t. It really is that simple.
In a short period of time you will notice on how you react to events and people in your life, and how they react to you.

Remember, do onto others….

You will also attract like minded people. Do this little test and see how it works out for you.
Smile at several different people throughout your day, say good morning or just say HI and see what reaction you get. Then do the opposite, be grumpy and ignorant and see what happens. Bet you like the first reactions more.

Just don’t think about wanting to be happy, make a powerful decision to change today.

Nicole Gruendl
Life Success Coach



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