10 Tips in Creating a Strong Team


Having a strong team and work foundation in today’s society is imperative for success in any business. Conflict of any sort creates chaos which leads to dysfunction and breakdown. What is worse than communication breakdown within a team that is working with patients and seniors? Get the picture?

Here are so ideas on how you, as the Team Leader, Administrator or Manager can create that calm and easy going work environment that benefits not just you but your staff and all that you come in contact with.

1. Be a role model.  Remember; you are in a position of authority and your staff looks to your for guidance and direction. They will often reflect what you are doing so always to treat them how you would like to be treated.

2.  Maintain open communication.  Open communication is key. Asking questions, talking to your staff and genuinely be concerned about how they are doing. Listen to what they have to say and make them feel and know that you care. Hear their concerns; ask their opinions about how they see things working and let them have input.

3. Share information.  Having weekly meetings is imperative in having a smooth running facility. Keep your employees well informed, not only of your expectations, but what is going on in your environment.  Let them know what the expectations of the entire organization are, not just your own.

4. Don’t be a micro-manager.  Instill trust in your employees. You hired them because you believe they could handle the position that they applied for. By giving them space they will feel the trust and handle the pressure and do a better job. Now they know that you are not hovering around every corner.

5. Give positive feedback.  We know how easy it is to criticize a person’s actions. How much more productive would it be to focus on what is going well and not just the pitfalls of the every day activities? Would this create more positive feelings and fewer frustrations? Remember to always remember to let your employees know how much their efforts are appreciated

6. Encourage personal development. Create projects at work for team and personal development. This enhances the team building and they get to create and set goals not as individuals but as a group that will grow together.

7. Offer professional development opportunities. Providing continuing education, seminars and workshop opportunities expands their knowledge and personal skills. Have them work as a team in discovering new ways to improve and explore in their work environment.

8. Be a team player.  Create a cooperative environment where everyone’s suggestions are welcome and heard. Reflect upon these ideas at the staff meetings and mention them for projects and creative aspects where they work.  Remember that there is potential for growth and change in every idea that is revealed.

9. Consider mediation. If there are issues and concerns in the work force, offer your employees the chance for a professional to mediate their dispute.  Their productivity will rise and the conflict will cease to exist.

10. Keep smiling! Being a supervisor brings with it much stress and responsibility. But it can also be a source of joy and satisfaction.  Communicate to your workers that you enjoy your job and they will more likely do the same for you.   Reflect upon others what you want to be reflected upon you!

Remember, a Happy Staff creates a Happy Work environment!

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Nicole Gruendl
Life and Success Coach



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