Moms, Business and Coaching

As a Single Mom and taking on a new Career as a Life Coach I never knew how difficult it could be to find out my true self or what it even was!  I forgot how much I was wrapped up in my child’s life and just life in general, just to make ends meet.  I got so frustrated and lost that sometimes I forgot who I really was.

So much of our lives are wrapped into our family and the role we have as mother, wife, homemaker, chef, driver and business woman, it seems that there is never enough time in a day to get things done.  Forget about our well-being.  Life is trying and until you have a clearly designated time for everything, you will never achieve full success in any area

I do not feel that I speak for just myself or coming from a position as a life coach, I believe I speak for many women out there who are in similar or have been in similar positions as this. (Reading this, you are nodding your heads).

It takes so much for us, as women, to express and say “hey I can’t do this all on my own”.  Yes, we are sometimes portrayed as been invincible and the best caretakers. “Mommy knows best.” But as we teach our children and families to balance their lives, who is there supporting us on our own path?

Have you ever found yourself just laying in bed thinking, “there has to be something better out there for me?”

Life Coaching has supported me in reprogramming my train of thought.  Learning to believe in myself and that when you listen to your heart and “your gut” you know that your happiness is at your finger tips.  With some simple tools, the balance and structure in your life, business and most of all, your family. All of this will come together with ease, less stress and demand.  This all makes it for a happier and better place.

The first step in working with my clients is finding their Essence, the words that best describe them from their heart and soul; their being.  It’s all about truly believing in the process and knowing what your life purpose it.  Trusting you!  Would an easy to follow program help you find this passion?
Think of this.  Coaching is the gateway to your greatness and of endless possibility.  What does possibility look like for you?   Can you imagine creating a list of goals for your life and your business and actually have them flourish?  Have you given yourself the right to dream? What are your greatest dreams?

The biggest question to ask yourself is this: What IS Holding YOU Back?

Is there a lack of physical or mental Energy?
What is your Life purpose?
Your inability to set clear Goals?
Do you have the ability to make solid Plans?
Is it prioritizing?
Your ability to get and stay Organized?
Is it your Attitude?
OR SIMPLY: Are you afraid of success?

It’s time to Step into your power, follow your heart and your desires and dreams will follow! Create the life that you want, create what is best for you mom, the foundation of the family life.

A thing that I recommend to start off with is an easy to follow system. Incorporate whatever your life entails: your business, sports, family time, school time etc. and let it sit for a day or two.  Go back reread and see if there are any adjustments to be made.  Share with your family and see what areas they may be able to support you in.  It’s EASY to ask for help, but it’s not in our nature.

Remember, if you don’t ask, you don’t receive.  It’s all about playing as a family and team.  From home to business to everything surrounding your family, it’s all about love and commitment.  This give a whole new meaning to the quote “if Mom isn’t happy, nobody is happy.”

Life is all about Choices and it’s up to you to make the one that works for you and your family.  Finding the light in your life, wherever that may come from, is essential for your personal growth.  Finding the right coach to support you in this search is imperative.
Believe in yourself; trust that you are doing exactly what you need to do for you and your family!

With Love;

Nicole Gruendl
Author, Speaker, Consultant for Today’s Business Women



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