Is Being Wrong a Bad Thing?

Let’s face it.  We don’t like being wrong.  For me, the hardest part to admitting that I made an error in judgment or made the wrong choice. It really kicks my pride in the butt.
But sometimes you just have to swallow that big girl pill and say “yep I was wrong.”  It’s trying not to choke on those words when they come out of your mouth that can be the tough part.

In my heart this attitude slows me down. This pride and Ego part of me stops me from being the great speaker and life coach that I can be. There are many stories of highly successful people who’ve failed miserably only to start over time and time again.

This is why shifting your attitude when things don’t go exactly your way is important to your personal success.  Being transparent, being real can be one of the scariest positions to come from in life.  Being open to reveal your wants, desires and needs opens up an amazing amount of possibilities, but it also opens you up for judgment.

By being wrong or making a wrong decision and not needing to justify it comes from a position of power and responsibility.  “Yep, I did it, I learned from it and I am moving on.”  Enough said.  There will be times that people will not allow you to forget and keep lingering on the process.  You being the person in control of only what you do and think, can chose not to linger where the others choose to.  Being strong and fulfilled in your life helps you bring this power to fruition.

“Being wrong forces you to explore and shift.”

By exploring and shifting your energy, you have the opportunity to do some soul searching and find out what really matters to you.  You begin to reflect on how you react to even the simplest of things and think to yourself “was that really worth all of that negative energy?”  You start doing little tests on how people change when YOU change. Being wrong sometimes triggers that negativity, but does it really have to?

By simply accepting what happened and discussing it in a rational and responsible manner can be fulfilling.  It can also open the doors to more in-depth and personal conversations.  Yes, sometimes it’s scary but that’s because it’s out of that wonderful comfort zone of yours.  Admit it, you have one.  We all do.

It’s all about shifting your energy and your thoughts.  It’s not about wrong or right; it’s how you handle it at the moment. I have a Dare for you. I have done this several times with my clients and I dare you to give this a try as well. It works especially well with those of you who are perfectionists and think that doing something “wrong” for no reason is just absolutely crazy.

I dare you to go do something completely out of the norm that you would do that is not “right.” You know you would do it another way, but you are doing it the wrong way. (Of course we have to keep it legal) Something at the office perhaps, or do something different in your business, or in your personal life and see how people react.

Remember, you are coming from a place of fun, responsibility and you being “wrong” on purpose.  This is a test to see how people react and how you react as well.  See what kind of energy you reflect on doing something silly and out of the box.

You will be amazed on what it attracts.  Here is an example.

I subscribe to several different newsletters, blogs and information sites. I came across one the other day that was truly mind boggling.

You see, this author had sent out an email 2 days prior with a notification for a Social Media program, and since it was a quick note, he forgot to add an unsubscribe link. It was a simple mistake, he was WRONG but no biggie, right?  WELL, the email I received two days later was a whole different story.  I guess he received many not so pleasant emails stating how bad and wrong he was, how he screwed up by not having a simple link on that email.

He responded by stating how childish it was for people to think that, how they were nasty and mean and not so politely told them to get off of his email list.  Over one simple link; is that crazy or what?

Of course, there is always the flip side.  There are people who will support and guide you.  Be there for you in your time of need.  Sometimes you just have to ask.

Do I take my own advice?  Yes I do but I admit, it’s not always easy. The reason why I mentioned this story is when you do something wrong, big or small, there will always be others there to judge and react to what you do.  It’s YOUR choice on how you handle it and accept it. Accepting that it’s okay to be wrong frees you.  It’s not about being wrong; it’s about taking responsibility for your actions.


Nicole Gruendl


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