Dare to Act Young Again

Dare to Act Young Again

Do you ever wish you could go back and be a kid again?  No major worries, no bills to pay, no businesses to be concerned about?  We become so set in our ways that we never take stock of our life, examine where we’ve been, re-evaluate where we are going.

As we get older, we tend to lose track of time and what is most important for us.  Though we are so involved in our families we sometimes forget about our personal care and wellness.  You know the old saying “if Mom isn’t happy…” But we just push on and tend to everyone else in the family, in business, at the office and go on our merry little way.

We then find ourselves day dreaming of times gone by, wishing it was like before. Time goes by, seasons merge into one another and the years do the same.  We have settled into your quiet, maybe even a little mundane, life and just accept it for what it is. We forget what it’s like to be young.  We watch our kids on the playground or on the sports field, running and laughing, with no care in the world.  They are carefree, full of life and optimism. Ahhh, to be young again.

My question is:  What is stopping you?  There are many things in life that make us smile, giggle like school girls and make us laugh out loud.  What would it take for you to go there and find what you are looking for?

Here are 7 things that I recommend that you do to start acting like a kid again and bring some laughter and spirit into your life.  Trust me, if you do these simple and silly things, there is NO way you cannot come out laughing and have a great time. Even better, you do them with your kids.

1.      Play in the puddles.  Remember when you were a kid and it rained and there were puddles everywhere?  What was the one thing your parents told you to stay out of?  So the next time it rains, go play in the puddles, stomp around with your kids and giggle your faces off.

2.      Walk in the grass in bare feet.  There is nothing more exhilarating than feeling that cool grass between your toes.  It also reconnects you with mother earth.  Take the time to really cherish the moment.
3.      Have a sleep over.  How about when you were a young kid and you had those pajama parties, staying awake all night chatting and giggling. Getting yelled at by the parents telling you “Get to sleep, it’s late.”   Wouldn’t that be fun again to do that with a few friends?

4.      Have a pillow fight.  Would this not bring back some fun sleep over memories?  You can either do this at the pajama party or even better, with your kids.  They would love that you actually took those pillows and had some serious fun with them.

5.      Have a clothing swap party. Growing up we were always exchanging and wearing our friends clothes.  Ours just were never the right things, or theirs were cooler etc.  You know the drill.  So why not do the same thing now? Just include wine.

6.      Play Pretend. As we get older we get more inhibited and careful about what we say and do.  As children we are so unaware of the silly things we do sometimes.  So you want to get silly and not be judged for it?  Then go to your local theater and Improv Theater and take some classes.  You never know, you might have a knack for it.

7.      Take your loved one/ones on a picnic. I don’t know about you, but one of the most fun things we did when we were young was pack a simple bag lunch and go up in the mountains or by the lake and just hang out.  Skip stones on the water and just be kids.  You can do the same thing in your area; you just need to find the special place.

Now stop being afraid to step out from the norm and act silly. Other people are out there living the life they want and are having so much fun doing it.  Relax, enjoy life and act like a kid.  Your kids, well maybe not your teenagers, will love you for it.  Think about all the fun you could have, will have with them and everyone around you.

Life if too short to not have fun!



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