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Make 2012 the Best Year Ever

Make 2012 the Best Year Ever

The year 2011 has come and gone. Here comes 2012 and it’s time to hit the ground running. Celebrations! Parties! New Year Resolutions! What a great way to mark the beginning of the New Year! The question is: What does the New Year have in store for us? But this year, let’s ask ourselves, what do ‘we’ have in store for the New Year?

Looking back at how we began the previous years, most of us will agree that New Year resolutions taken up by most of the people have only been partially fulfilled or not even recognized. Does this mean that one should quit the idea of making New Year resolutions? The answer is- No.

This time let’s think about making 2012 the best year yet. How we can do things differently. Let’s think about why we could not accomplish last years’ resolutions. Let’s think in the right direction and really get motivated for 2012.

The answer to the above questions is the key to establish achievable goals. Before that, lets first look at the two main issues as to why people are not able to keep up to their resolutions.

1] Unrealistic Resolutions:
A resolution is a promise to oneself that we have full intention of keeping. The problem that we face is that we make these unrealistic resolutions over and over again and they never come to fruition. Making resolutions, in which you can create a plan around, SMART goals, would help you reach a greater success rate than taking on bigger steps. If there is a habit that you want to part with, then doing it in stages would be of greater help rather than doing it all at once. Achieving small targets is always easier; it boosts self-confidence and helps as a motivation in the longer run.

2] Lack of motivation:
If the motivation to complete a resolution is lacking, the resolution would never be completed. A lot of people make resolutions on the fly. For many it is a style statement in front of their friends to declare what they have resolved, although achieving them would be a different story altogether.

— Remember that if we will not be truthful to ourselves, no one else will do that either. A change is always good. Do well for yourself. Think about what you really want to achieve. Listen to your heart and do what is right for you. Again, it is important to begin by taking small steps. 

A resolution does not have to be to about you. Year 2011, has been a year ‘of the people’. People around the world have been raising their voices and have fought for their rights. Let the year 2012 be the best year ever. Let the motivations for the New Year 2012, come from your heart. Contribute to society. Do something good for others in need. Help the elderly or the poor, share love and hope, but most importantly, take time for YOU.  Every small effort that you put in makes a difference.

The mantra for making 2012 the best year yet is to believe in yourself and to believe in what you do. Everything else will just follow. Have a great year ahead.

Nicole Gruendl
Author, Speaker and Life Coach

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Are you an Over Giver?

Are you an Over Giver?

In this world, there are two types of people; givers and takers.  Next time you are in a group of people notice how people act. You will find out that they tend to fall only into one category or the other.
Givers are the people who are willing to help others. Takers are the ones that are always looking for something free, or what’s in it for them.
Some of the best examples of these people are the nurses and teachers. They are not concerned whether they will receive anything in return or not, as long as they find happiness in helping others.

In work, an over giver often goes the extra mile because they just don’t do the job, but they work hard just to make sure they do the job completely and thoroughly. They make certain that the quality of their job is there and they are not looking for the recognition. They do it because they want to.

In addition, they give willingly when they aren’t asked to give. Like as the saying goes, “it is better to give than to receive”. But when is it too much? You don’t just see situations like this in the work environment, there are many areas in an over givers life that being too generous comes into play.

An over giver often find themselves in this situation often when they have families.  They are tending to the children, to their spouses, to their homes and then what happens, there is nothing left for them. It is true that women are natural nurturers, but when the time comes that you habitually sacrifice your own needs for the sake of others, you become physically, emotionally, as well as spiritually consumed, what do you do?

Over givers want to make everyone happy all the time.  They cannot handle the fact that they are not doing something or giving something to someone else.  They want to give, give and give some more and they keep forgetting the most important part.

However, there will come a time that people will go overboard and start realizing, do you give too much? Some people just are just natural pleasers but there comes a time that enough is enough. It is so deeply instilled in some, that often times they don’t know that they are doing it.  So how do you recognize that you are over giving?

Here are some signs of over giving:

•    You do not think about yourself and the things you need first. You are usually more concerned on the needs of other people when it comes to making choices.
•    You feel tired and exhausted because you do not have the time or energy to enjoy the things for yourself.
•    You don’t prioritize the important events or personal matters.
•    You are not receiving anything in return.  You are not fueling your personal fire. The nurturing or pampering that you mostly need.
•    You often feel guilty whenever you say no. You are afraid that you will be rejected or criticized for setting up boundaries for the things that you will do and will not do.
•    You find yourself going “without” just so the others have what they need.  This could be in the form of time, material things or emotional support.

If you start to realize that you have these signs in you, it is time for you to stop thinking of others before thinking of yourself.  It’s time to make time for you and give back to yourself. It’s an amazing gift to go through life without being selfish and it’s great to give, but you should set a limit.

Remember, the most important person in your life is you. You must take care of you so you are able to be there for the family, for your friends and for whoever needs support.

Being giving and generous is an amazing trait, but there comes a time that you need to stop and realize that it’s ok just doing the best that you can.

Live, Love and Laugh.

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10 Tips for Doing Business in these Trying Times

10 Tips for Doing Business in these Trying Times

10 Tips for Doing Business in these Trying Times

Small business owners often worry about how they can thrive in “difficult” times. And no wonder, you can’t turn on the TV or surf the internet without hearing more doom and gloom talk about the economy.

You don’t have to live in the fear of the economy.  What you may want to choose to do is step out of your comfort zone and goes where others are not willing to go right now.  .  Make things happen, take a few risks and see how you can begin thriving instead of living in the grasps of this tough economy.  You can chose to play part in the recession or you can drive your business forward with these 10 simple and easy to follow Tips for doing business in these trying times.

1.   Dare to be different: Do things that others are doing.  Kick up your marketing campaign.  Take a chance and dare to step out and act on your ideas and hunches.  If it feels right, then you should go with it.

2.   Listen to what people are talking about; we know social media is a major tool for marketing our businesses, so get out there and start asking what people want.  What is it that they are looking for and listen to what they are saying?  When you are out networking, instead of “pitching” your business or product, ASK questions and LISTEN to peoples answers.  Listening is an art in itself.  So take the time and just hear what your audience is telling you.

3.      Trim your overhead; Yes we all love the extra things in life but do you really need them to run a business?  Think about the excess that you may have and see where you can cut some corners without jeopardizing your services or product.  Memberships and networking events are a big expense. Are you getting any clients from certain groups?  Take a look at your return on investment and you can make the choices from there.

4.   Make an extra 5 Calls a day.  Just by reconnecting with someone that you may have met at an event can really make a difference, especially if there was a connection already.  By making those extra calls, it will reinstate their memory of you and what services you have to offer, and in return, the potential for more client referrals.

5.   Be aware of your cash flow. Your business cannot survive without cash flow but you need to be aware of what is happening on a daily basis.  If you have no clue where your money is going and what your expenses are, then how can you continue to see if your extra effort is profitable or not?

6. Partner up with like minded businesses. Joint ventures are one of the best ways to increase awareness and your client list. Connect with other businesses that compliment yours.  This way you can increase awareness to all businesses involved and it’s a win/win situation.  People helping people.  It’s what it’s all about.

7.   Include the Add-On to the sale.  We are all aware of the “super-size” “or “do you want fries with that” concept.  This is a great opportunity to upsell your existing clients.  They already see the value in what you have to offer so why not offer them more?

8.   Be humble and be yourself.  There are many business owners who are out there going for the mighty dollar and will do anything for the sale.  People right now are looking for trustworthy and honest people who won’t take them for a ride. By being yourself, this will help you connect with your potential client and in turn build the trust that will close the sale and keep them coming back for more.

9.   Get out there and talk.  Networking events are imperative to business.  But as I said before, make sure that there is a good return on investment for you.  Many of these events attract many “event junkies” that go there for free plus wanting information and services for free.  They are not there to buy, they are there to GET.  So be selective of your events and go to where the movers and shakers are.

10.  Mean what you say and Say what you mean; When you are out networking and talking to people about your product or services, you better be prepared to stand by what you say.  Integrity in these trying times means everything.  You can be posting crazy stuff all over the internet and expect people to take you seriously in business.

After reading this, did you have any “aha” moments where you reflected on how you run your business right now?  You don’t even have to own a business to follow these simple steps.  Just look at what you do in your daily life and see how these 10 Tips for Doing Business in these Trying Times can work for you.  It’s just stepping out of your comfort zone and trusting yourself.


Nicole Gruendl
Author, Speaker and Life Coach







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Dare to Act Young Again

Dare to Act Young Again

Dare to Act Young Again

Do you ever wish you could go back and be a kid again?  No major worries, no bills to pay, no businesses to be concerned about?  We become so set in our ways that we never take stock of our life, examine where we’ve been, re-evaluate where we are going.

As we get older, we tend to lose track of time and what is most important for us.  Though we are so involved in our families we sometimes forget about our personal care and wellness.  You know the old saying “if Mom isn’t happy…” But we just push on and tend to everyone else in the family, in business, at the office and go on our merry little way.

We then find ourselves day dreaming of times gone by, wishing it was like before. Time goes by, seasons merge into one another and the years do the same.  We have settled into your quiet, maybe even a little mundane, life and just accept it for what it is. We forget what it’s like to be young.  We watch our kids on the playground or on the sports field, running and laughing, with no care in the world.  They are carefree, full of life and optimism. Ahhh, to be young again.

My question is:  What is stopping you?  There are many things in life that make us smile, giggle like school girls and make us laugh out loud.  What would it take for you to go there and find what you are looking for?

Here are 7 things that I recommend that you do to start acting like a kid again and bring some laughter and spirit into your life.  Trust me, if you do these simple and silly things, there is NO way you cannot come out laughing and have a great time. Even better, you do them with your kids.

1.      Play in the puddles.  Remember when you were a kid and it rained and there were puddles everywhere?  What was the one thing your parents told you to stay out of?  So the next time it rains, go play in the puddles, stomp around with your kids and giggle your faces off.

2.      Walk in the grass in bare feet.  There is nothing more exhilarating than feeling that cool grass between your toes.  It also reconnects you with mother earth.  Take the time to really cherish the moment.
3.      Have a sleep over.  How about when you were a young kid and you had those pajama parties, staying awake all night chatting and giggling. Getting yelled at by the parents telling you “Get to sleep, it’s late.”   Wouldn’t that be fun again to do that with a few friends?

4.      Have a pillow fight.  Would this not bring back some fun sleep over memories?  You can either do this at the pajama party or even better, with your kids.  They would love that you actually took those pillows and had some serious fun with them.

5.      Have a clothing swap party. Growing up we were always exchanging and wearing our friends clothes.  Ours just were never the right things, or theirs were cooler etc.  You know the drill.  So why not do the same thing now? Just include wine.

6.      Play Pretend. As we get older we get more inhibited and careful about what we say and do.  As children we are so unaware of the silly things we do sometimes.  So you want to get silly and not be judged for it?  Then go to your local theater and Improv Theater and take some classes.  You never know, you might have a knack for it.

7.      Take your loved one/ones on a picnic. I don’t know about you, but one of the most fun things we did when we were young was pack a simple bag lunch and go up in the mountains or by the lake and just hang out.  Skip stones on the water and just be kids.  You can do the same thing in your area; you just need to find the special place.

Now stop being afraid to step out from the norm and act silly. Other people are out there living the life they want and are having so much fun doing it.  Relax, enjoy life and act like a kid.  Your kids, well maybe not your teenagers, will love you for it.  Think about all the fun you could have, will have with them and everyone around you.

Life if too short to not have fun!


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Is Being Wrong a Bad Thing?

Is Being Wrong a Bad Thing?

Let’s face it.  We don’t like being wrong.  For me, the hardest part to admitting that I made an error in judgment or made the wrong choice. It really kicks my pride in the butt.
But sometimes you just have to swallow that big girl pill and say “yep I was wrong.”  It’s trying not to choke on those words when they come out of your mouth that can be the tough part.

In my heart this attitude slows me down. This pride and Ego part of me stops me from being the great speaker and life coach that I can be. There are many stories of highly successful people who’ve failed miserably only to start over time and time again.

This is why shifting your attitude when things don’t go exactly your way is important to your personal success.  Being transparent, being real can be one of the scariest positions to come from in life.  Being open to reveal your wants, desires and needs opens up an amazing amount of possibilities, but it also opens you up for judgment.

By being wrong or making a wrong decision and not needing to justify it comes from a position of power and responsibility.  “Yep, I did it, I learned from it and I am moving on.”  Enough said.  There will be times that people will not allow you to forget and keep lingering on the process.  You being the person in control of only what you do and think, can chose not to linger where the others choose to.  Being strong and fulfilled in your life helps you bring this power to fruition.

“Being wrong forces you to explore and shift.”

By exploring and shifting your energy, you have the opportunity to do some soul searching and find out what really matters to you.  You begin to reflect on how you react to even the simplest of things and think to yourself “was that really worth all of that negative energy?”  You start doing little tests on how people change when YOU change. Being wrong sometimes triggers that negativity, but does it really have to?

By simply accepting what happened and discussing it in a rational and responsible manner can be fulfilling.  It can also open the doors to more in-depth and personal conversations.  Yes, sometimes it’s scary but that’s because it’s out of that wonderful comfort zone of yours.  Admit it, you have one.  We all do.

It’s all about shifting your energy and your thoughts.  It’s not about wrong or right; it’s how you handle it at the moment. I have a Dare for you. I have done this several times with my clients and I dare you to give this a try as well. It works especially well with those of you who are perfectionists and think that doing something “wrong” for no reason is just absolutely crazy.

I dare you to go do something completely out of the norm that you would do that is not “right.” You know you would do it another way, but you are doing it the wrong way. (Of course we have to keep it legal) Something at the office perhaps, or do something different in your business, or in your personal life and see how people react.

Remember, you are coming from a place of fun, responsibility and you being “wrong” on purpose.  This is a test to see how people react and how you react as well.  See what kind of energy you reflect on doing something silly and out of the box.

You will be amazed on what it attracts.  Here is an example.

I subscribe to several different newsletters, blogs and information sites. I came across one the other day that was truly mind boggling.

You see, this author had sent out an email 2 days prior with a notification for a Social Media program, and since it was a quick note, he forgot to add an unsubscribe link. It was a simple mistake, he was WRONG but no biggie, right?  WELL, the email I received two days later was a whole different story.  I guess he received many not so pleasant emails stating how bad and wrong he was, how he screwed up by not having a simple link on that email.

He responded by stating how childish it was for people to think that, how they were nasty and mean and not so politely told them to get off of his email list.  Over one simple link; is that crazy or what?

Of course, there is always the flip side.  There are people who will support and guide you.  Be there for you in your time of need.  Sometimes you just have to ask.

Do I take my own advice?  Yes I do but I admit, it’s not always easy. The reason why I mentioned this story is when you do something wrong, big or small, there will always be others there to judge and react to what you do.  It’s YOUR choice on how you handle it and accept it. Accepting that it’s okay to be wrong frees you.  It’s not about being wrong; it’s about taking responsibility for your actions.


Nicole Gruendl

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Getting Past the Fear

Getting Past the Fear

One of the most difficult things I have found to accomplish in my business is to write articles. Every time I say I should write one, or have something great to share I find the reasons why I can’t and all the negativity surrounding that begins to take over.

Can you relate?  Not just with writing but in a few different areas in your life?  I’m sure you can.

I sometimes doubt my ability to share my knowledge. Not because I don’t know what I want to relay to my audience, it is that I question how I relay the message.  Is it clear enough? Will I be judged? Will it be good enough?  Man…That’s always the kicker question isn’t it?  Will I be good enough?

Until stepping out of my comfort zone, working with the coaches and mentors that have helped me out of my “non-deserving funk”, I doubted my ability and experience. I pretty much doubted everything.

Sometimes I say “if I would have known then what I know now”… you know the old saying, hindsight is 20/20.  You know where that leads you?  It’s just a longer journey down the road of self-doubt.

Hey, I’m the first one to admit that I started down that same path, and it was a long one.  But it was time to take real action. The problem was, I always stopped just before I would reach my end goal and that was signing up a client. I even started putting off writing about my incredible stories and my next book because of the whole “FEAR” issue.

But I finally got sick of being afraid. I became frustrated with seeing all the success of other coaches and mentors, all the while I yearned to join them. Plus I was tired of studying when I knew I already had all the knowledge I needed.

This past weekend was when I decided to make a change. I decided I deserve to be successful, I deserve to be wealthy and I deserve to have it all and then some. One of the first things I did after my event was share with my friend Randy.  Then I proceeded to watch the movie “Powder”. Now there is a movie about energy and how we all affect one another.

I then began the meditation process. It’s about going beyond the law of attraction and manifesting the life I deserved.  I also began to pick up the books that I have set aside. I had been too “busy” to read anything with meaning, I had to work. It is funny, hearing those words coming from a life coach isn’t it?  Sometimes, it just IS. Just goes to show that we are all similar…

I read about (and follow) Darren Jacklin, Dov Baron and many other of my mentors and friends.  These wonderful people have supported me in realizing where I was stuck.  I was not resonating at the level where I should be to attract the clients and speaking engagement that I wanted.  I was clear in my wants but my beliefs were all messed up.

I was getting so frustrated with the “why the heck am I not getting what I want. I work all the time. I am making things happen, but yet, there are no ongoing clients.” You know the story!

With that, I have already seen the changes. Being an author, motivational speaker and coach, this is being more transparent that I have been in a long time.  I have been playing a little on the “victim” side of the fence instead of being on the responsibility side.  By showing myself a little compassion, I decided that I can no longer play this game. It IS time to step up and step out of the box of crap.  THIS is exactly what I coach and speak about! Who you are and what your purpose and passions are is what we work on together.

I see how my mentors and colleagues, the ones I am inspired by, have gone through their own fears.  It’s all part of our growth process.  If you are not being pushed, if you are not living on the edge and reaching over and beyond, then you are not pushing hard enough.

I am grateful every day for the life I live. The trials and tribulations that have pushed from fear factor to deserving factor are just part of my legacy. As Dov Baron says “You are either Committed or you are Interested.”  The choice is yours.

Are you ready to step out of that Fear and Comfort zone and create the life you truly deserve? Are you ready to reach your purpose and live the life of certainty and not uncertainty?  You have the control and power to change the way you think, act and react! It’s all about you!

So if you have any fears that are holding you back, the first step to take is to identify what they are.  Is it success? Is it heights? Is it being alone?  Feel free to post a comment below and share your fears with me.  I am here to support and listen.

Here is to your personal best;


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How to Keep Buggering On

How to Keep Buggering On

How to Keep Buggering On

As many of you may know these words come from the famous Winston Churchill.  When I was speaking to a friend of mine last night and he says “I am totally amazed and impressed on how you never seem to give up Nicole.  You always push through things and events and never stop trying.”

Well it’s not that I don’t ever have the thoughts of wanting to throw in the towel.  Give it all up, just move on and say, here you go, take it and I’ll start all over and call it quits.  Trust me; the thought has crossed my mind more than once. My friend Shona said “Nicole, you are on the right path, the breakthrough is coming on strong.”

To give up is not in my nature.  When I had my down moments and I said, I just give up, Randy looked at me straight in the eye and said, “Give up then. Get on with it and stop complaining about it.” Well you can image on how well that went over. But it triggered something that needed to be triggered.

I have been a single, striving mom, always searching for my passion and knowing that there is something more to my purpose.  It’s become clear now.  As my friend Dov Barron once stated to me “This is the best thing that could have happened to me right now.”

You see, I am fighting the bank for my home, which is a WHOLE other story in itself.  Wait for it,  it is coming soon.

Moving on.  My life shifts on a regular basis, as all of our lives do.  It’s just about acceptance and recognition. Do you like and embrace change and growth?  Do you accept your life “AS IS” and hey, this is what you were dealt so you just go with it.  No need for change, it’s just who you are.  Life is ok.
You bet life sucks sometimes.  Stress, bills, work, relationships are not always the easiest to get through.  Life happens and you are stuck with it right? WRONG!  You have the choice to get up and go to work every day.  You choose to keep your life in the relationships that you are in every day.  You know why?  Because it’s EASY! It’s in your comfort zone.  Why change right?  Why rock the boat even if it means change and amazing events on the “other side.”

That is why I never give up.  I see change. I see progress. I see a woman who makes a difference in this world.  I have a story to tell, a story to share with other people to show them that giving up is not an option.  It’s all about keep buggering ON!  Can you see yourself do the same? With the right support you can accomplish anything. You know the old saying, when life hands you a bunch of lemons, you make lemonade right?
Well how about kicking it up a notch and squeezing the most you have out of life?  Squeeze the crap out of those lemons.  Get every drop out and thrive instead of just survive.

Here 5 action steps for change when you feel gloomy or feel like throwing in the towel:

1.    Recognize what the issues and concerns are.  Embrace them and realize that this too shall pass.  Only when you come to accept it and see it for what it is, can you work through it.
2.    Be grateful for everything that you have every day.  Sit back and write or speak out the things that you have in your life.  Your health, your children, you relationship, your home and being ALIVE!!!
3.    Understand that you have choices!  You can choose to sit and wallow in your victimhood or you can choose to stand in your power and take responsibility.  You ALWAYS have a choice. Making the choices from a position of strength and love is imperative to your well being.
4.    Allow compassion for yourself.  Sometimes life’s stuff gets in the way.  You cannot control others actions but what you can control is your reaction to it.  Being compassionate with yourself allows you to grow and accept the changes that are coming forth with love and honesty.
5.    BREATHE!  You have no idea how many times this has been told to me.  This too shall pass.  Embrace and love the people around you that are supportive. Do not be afraid to ask for support and guidance when you need it.  No point being the martyr when you have a loving environment.  They are there to guide you and hold you!

With those empowering thoughts and action steps, I invite you to move your life forward in whatever situation may arise.  Don’t let the bullies keep bullying you.  Reflect upon them the love and support that you are receiving.  And realize that they do are facing their own conflicts.  Sometimes the messenger IS just the messenger.

Wishing you love and health;


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Moms, Business and Coaching

Moms, Business and Coaching

As a Single Mom and taking on a new Career as a Life Coach I never knew how difficult it could be to find out my true self or what it even was!  I forgot how much I was wrapped up in my child’s life and just life in general, just to make ends meet.  I got so frustrated and lost that sometimes I forgot who I really was.

So much of our lives are wrapped into our family and the role we have as mother, wife, homemaker, chef, driver and business woman, it seems that there is never enough time in a day to get things done.  Forget about our well-being.  Life is trying and until you have a clearly designated time for everything, you will never achieve full success in any area

I do not feel that I speak for just myself or coming from a position as a life coach, I believe I speak for many women out there who are in similar or have been in similar positions as this. (Reading this, you are nodding your heads).

It takes so much for us, as women, to express and say “hey I can’t do this all on my own”.  Yes, we are sometimes portrayed as been invincible and the best caretakers. “Mommy knows best.” But as we teach our children and families to balance their lives, who is there supporting us on our own path?

Have you ever found yourself just laying in bed thinking, “there has to be something better out there for me?”

Life Coaching has supported me in reprogramming my train of thought.  Learning to believe in myself and that when you listen to your heart and “your gut” you know that your happiness is at your finger tips.  With some simple tools, the balance and structure in your life, business and most of all, your family. All of this will come together with ease, less stress and demand.  This all makes it for a happier and better place.

The first step in working with my clients is finding their Essence, the words that best describe them from their heart and soul; their being.  It’s all about truly believing in the process and knowing what your life purpose it.  Trusting you!  Would an easy to follow program help you find this passion?
Think of this.  Coaching is the gateway to your greatness and of endless possibility.  What does possibility look like for you?   Can you imagine creating a list of goals for your life and your business and actually have them flourish?  Have you given yourself the right to dream? What are your greatest dreams?

The biggest question to ask yourself is this: What IS Holding YOU Back?

Is there a lack of physical or mental Energy?
What is your Life purpose?
Your inability to set clear Goals?
Do you have the ability to make solid Plans?
Is it prioritizing?
Your ability to get and stay Organized?
Is it your Attitude?
OR SIMPLY: Are you afraid of success?

It’s time to Step into your power, follow your heart and your desires and dreams will follow! Create the life that you want, create what is best for you mom, the foundation of the family life.

A thing that I recommend to start off with is an easy to follow system. Incorporate whatever your life entails: your business, sports, family time, school time etc. and let it sit for a day or two.  Go back reread and see if there are any adjustments to be made.  Share with your family and see what areas they may be able to support you in.  It’s EASY to ask for help, but it’s not in our nature.

Remember, if you don’t ask, you don’t receive.  It’s all about playing as a family and team.  From home to business to everything surrounding your family, it’s all about love and commitment.  This give a whole new meaning to the quote “if Mom isn’t happy, nobody is happy.”

Life is all about Choices and it’s up to you to make the one that works for you and your family.  Finding the light in your life, wherever that may come from, is essential for your personal growth.  Finding the right coach to support you in this search is imperative.
Believe in yourself; trust that you are doing exactly what you need to do for you and your family!

With Love;

Nicole Gruendl
Author, Speaker, Consultant for Today’s Business Women

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Interview with Donna-Marie Thompson April 2010


April 12, 2010

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Fitness for Fun


December 16, 2009

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Health & Fitness

Fitness for Fun

mountainsmExercising regularly? Are you doing the right exercises suited to your body? Is the thought of exercising regularly becoming frustrating and tedious? How about Fitness for Fun? A balanced exercise routine along with cardio activity and a healthy diet is so important for your long term health and it doesn’t have to be a chore.

First, let’s talk about what happens to muscles as we age.
Muscle mass decreases as we age. Beginning in the fourth decade of life, adults lose 3%-5% of muscle mass per decade, and the decline increases to 1%-2% per year after age 50. Muscle keeps us strong, it burns calories and helps us maintain our weight, and it contributes to balance and bone strength. Without it, we can lose our independence and our mobility.

Is my body past the phase of muscle building?
Muscle mass can increase at any age if exercised properly. In an important study of weight lifting and older adults conducted with 100 male and female residents of a nursing home in Boston (age range: 72 to 98 years of age; average age 87), subjects lifted weights with their legs three times a week for 10 weeks. At the end of the study, there was an increase in thigh mass of 2.7%, walking speed increased 12%, and leg strength increased a whopping 113%! In a similar study of adults 65-79 years old, subjects who lifted weights three times a week for three months increased their walking endurance by 38% (from 25 minutes to 34 minutes) without substantial increases in mass.

These are the areas and ideas that you should focus on:

Flexibility and Agility Exercises: This improves your body’s flexibility, range of motion and increases your metabolism. This helps you maintain a strong body structure and helps prevent more serious injuries like sprains and strains.

Relaxation: Helps reduce stress and lower your blood pressure and anxiety.

Eating Healthy: A properly combined diet is imperative to good health. Having a little “snack” here and there is part of life, but it should not overtake our whole eating regime. Eating well and maintaining proper eating habits is the biggest factor in keeping a healthy weight.
Strength training exercises: Increases your overall body strength, builds more muscle and improves your bone density. To explain further, I have listed some examples in these areas with more detail so you can see what may work and be appropriate for you and your schedule.

Yoga: Yoga has become so popular in our society because of its total heath benefits. Researchers have found that regular practice led to reduced back pain; improved sleep, better sense of wellness, improvement in heart health, reduction of rheumatoid arthritis and type 2 diabetes; and greater overall physical fitness. There are many types and levels of yoga. Find the one that works best for you!

Water Aerobics: Water aerobics is an excellent way to stay fit and in shape. All the areas mentioned above are compiled into this form of exercise; Cardio, Strength training and flexibility training. This can be done anywhere there is water, anytime of the year; in a pool, a lake, or an ocean. Alone or with a group of people together for a class, it’s a great way to get started in an exercise routine if you are just getting out there.

Tai Chi: Tai Chi is a series of traditional Chinese movements that help increase stamina, flexibility, reduce stress and clear your mind. The gentle exercises really focus on your inner being and knowing your body and getting you to become aware of who you are. Tai chi does not promote any joint or muscle strain, therefore it suits anyone who is in rehabilitation or suffering from any illness.

Dancing: Now who doesn’t love to dance? And anyone can do it. If you are in need of assistance of a wheelchair, or having difficulty with any sort of movement, you can still get up and dance. It’s all about what is in your heart. Music is one of the best means of therapy. Dancing is fun and exciting and you can do it solo or in a group. Ballroom dancing is fun, classy really gets you moving. Or how about a simple get together with a group of like minded people who just want to be with one another and share some old classical tunes. As the saying goes, “Dancers don’t stop dancing when they grow old; dancers grow old when they stop dancing.”

Weight Training: When you think of strength training, what is the first thing that comes to mind? The heavy weights, dealing with and the loud music, does this sound about right? The fitness centers and gyms have changed drastically since those “muscle head” days. There is new equipment like resistance bands, exercise balls, specific routines to attain your goals or just wanting to feel good and stay in shape. There are also areas to work with for rehabilitation issues such as sprains and strains. If your choice is not to join a gym, there are many other centers that offer the same type of programs without the extra expense. Senior Centers have programs, YMCA’s or YWCA’s and so on. All you have to do is get up and get out!

Now I’m sure you get the idea! Just get up and do it! It’s not all just about the physical activity, but the the fun and socialization aspect of it all. Get out there, walk, talk and join clubs, groups and be yourself and HAVE FUN! Because this is really what it is all about!

Before starting any type or new exercise program, please be sure to check with your doctor. Now get out there and have a great time, make Fitness for Fun and meet new people. Live your life to the fullest, you deserve it!!!

Nicole Gruendl, Life and Success Coach

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