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How to Keep Buggering On

How to Keep Buggering On

How to Keep Buggering On

As many of you may know these words come from the famous Winston Churchill.  When I was speaking to a friend of mine last night and he says “I am totally amazed and impressed on how you never seem to give up Nicole.  You always push through things and events and never stop trying.”

Well it’s not that I don’t ever have the thoughts of wanting to throw in the towel.  Give it all up, just move on and say, here you go, take it and I’ll start all over and call it quits.  Trust me; the thought has crossed my mind more than once. My friend Shona said “Nicole, you are on the right path, the breakthrough is coming on strong.”

To give up is not in my nature.  When I had my down moments and I said, I just give up, Randy looked at me straight in the eye and said, “Give up then. Get on with it and stop complaining about it.” Well you can image on how well that went over. But it triggered something that needed to be triggered.

I have been a single, striving mom, always searching for my passion and knowing that there is something more to my purpose.  It’s become clear now.  As my friend Dov Barron once stated to me “This is the best thing that could have happened to me right now.”

You see, I am fighting the bank for my home, which is a WHOLE other story in itself.  Wait for it,  it is coming soon.

Moving on.  My life shifts on a regular basis, as all of our lives do.  It’s just about acceptance and recognition. Do you like and embrace change and growth?  Do you accept your life “AS IS” and hey, this is what you were dealt so you just go with it.  No need for change, it’s just who you are.  Life is ok.
You bet life sucks sometimes.  Stress, bills, work, relationships are not always the easiest to get through.  Life happens and you are stuck with it right? WRONG!  You have the choice to get up and go to work every day.  You choose to keep your life in the relationships that you are in every day.  You know why?  Because it’s EASY! It’s in your comfort zone.  Why change right?  Why rock the boat even if it means change and amazing events on the “other side.”

That is why I never give up.  I see change. I see progress. I see a woman who makes a difference in this world.  I have a story to tell, a story to share with other people to show them that giving up is not an option.  It’s all about keep buggering ON!  Can you see yourself do the same? With the right support you can accomplish anything. You know the old saying, when life hands you a bunch of lemons, you make lemonade right?
Well how about kicking it up a notch and squeezing the most you have out of life?  Squeeze the crap out of those lemons.  Get every drop out and thrive instead of just survive.

Here 5 action steps for change when you feel gloomy or feel like throwing in the towel:

1.    Recognize what the issues and concerns are.  Embrace them and realize that this too shall pass.  Only when you come to accept it and see it for what it is, can you work through it.
2.    Be grateful for everything that you have every day.  Sit back and write or speak out the things that you have in your life.  Your health, your children, you relationship, your home and being ALIVE!!!
3.    Understand that you have choices!  You can choose to sit and wallow in your victimhood or you can choose to stand in your power and take responsibility.  You ALWAYS have a choice. Making the choices from a position of strength and love is imperative to your well being.
4.    Allow compassion for yourself.  Sometimes life’s stuff gets in the way.  You cannot control others actions but what you can control is your reaction to it.  Being compassionate with yourself allows you to grow and accept the changes that are coming forth with love and honesty.
5.    BREATHE!  You have no idea how many times this has been told to me.  This too shall pass.  Embrace and love the people around you that are supportive. Do not be afraid to ask for support and guidance when you need it.  No point being the martyr when you have a loving environment.  They are there to guide you and hold you!

With those empowering thoughts and action steps, I invite you to move your life forward in whatever situation may arise.  Don’t let the bullies keep bullying you.  Reflect upon them the love and support that you are receiving.  And realize that they do are facing their own conflicts.  Sometimes the messenger IS just the messenger.

Wishing you love and health;


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Moms, Business and Coaching

Moms, Business and Coaching

As a Single Mom and taking on a new Career as a Life Coach I never knew how difficult it could be to find out my true self or what it even was!  I forgot how much I was wrapped up in my child’s life and just life in general, just to make ends meet.  I got so frustrated and lost that sometimes I forgot who I really was.

So much of our lives are wrapped into our family and the role we have as mother, wife, homemaker, chef, driver and business woman, it seems that there is never enough time in a day to get things done.  Forget about our well-being.  Life is trying and until you have a clearly designated time for everything, you will never achieve full success in any area

I do not feel that I speak for just myself or coming from a position as a life coach, I believe I speak for many women out there who are in similar or have been in similar positions as this. (Reading this, you are nodding your heads).

It takes so much for us, as women, to express and say “hey I can’t do this all on my own”.  Yes, we are sometimes portrayed as been invincible and the best caretakers. “Mommy knows best.” But as we teach our children and families to balance their lives, who is there supporting us on our own path?

Have you ever found yourself just laying in bed thinking, “there has to be something better out there for me?”

Life Coaching has supported me in reprogramming my train of thought.  Learning to believe in myself and that when you listen to your heart and “your gut” you know that your happiness is at your finger tips.  With some simple tools, the balance and structure in your life, business and most of all, your family. All of this will come together with ease, less stress and demand.  This all makes it for a happier and better place.

The first step in working with my clients is finding their Essence, the words that best describe them from their heart and soul; their being.  It’s all about truly believing in the process and knowing what your life purpose it.  Trusting you!  Would an easy to follow program help you find this passion?
Think of this.  Coaching is the gateway to your greatness and of endless possibility.  What does possibility look like for you?   Can you imagine creating a list of goals for your life and your business and actually have them flourish?  Have you given yourself the right to dream? What are your greatest dreams?

The biggest question to ask yourself is this: What IS Holding YOU Back?

Is there a lack of physical or mental Energy?
What is your Life purpose?
Your inability to set clear Goals?
Do you have the ability to make solid Plans?
Is it prioritizing?
Your ability to get and stay Organized?
Is it your Attitude?
OR SIMPLY: Are you afraid of success?

It’s time to Step into your power, follow your heart and your desires and dreams will follow! Create the life that you want, create what is best for you mom, the foundation of the family life.

A thing that I recommend to start off with is an easy to follow system. Incorporate whatever your life entails: your business, sports, family time, school time etc. and let it sit for a day or two.  Go back reread and see if there are any adjustments to be made.  Share with your family and see what areas they may be able to support you in.  It’s EASY to ask for help, but it’s not in our nature.

Remember, if you don’t ask, you don’t receive.  It’s all about playing as a family and team.  From home to business to everything surrounding your family, it’s all about love and commitment.  This give a whole new meaning to the quote “if Mom isn’t happy, nobody is happy.”

Life is all about Choices and it’s up to you to make the one that works for you and your family.  Finding the light in your life, wherever that may come from, is essential for your personal growth.  Finding the right coach to support you in this search is imperative.
Believe in yourself; trust that you are doing exactly what you need to do for you and your family!

With Love;

Nicole Gruendl
Author, Speaker, Consultant for Today’s Business Women

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10 Tips in Creating a Strong Team

10 Tips in Creating a Strong Team


Having a strong team and work foundation in today’s society is imperative for success in any business. Conflict of any sort creates chaos which leads to dysfunction and breakdown. What is worse than communication breakdown within a team that is working with patients and seniors? Get the picture?

Here are so ideas on how you, as the Team Leader, Administrator or Manager can create that calm and easy going work environment that benefits not just you but your staff and all that you come in contact with.

1. Be a role model.  Remember; you are in a position of authority and your staff looks to your for guidance and direction. They will often reflect what you are doing so always to treat them how you would like to be treated.

2.  Maintain open communication.  Open communication is key. Asking questions, talking to your staff and genuinely be concerned about how they are doing. Listen to what they have to say and make them feel and know that you care. Hear their concerns; ask their opinions about how they see things working and let them have input.

3. Share information.  Having weekly meetings is imperative in having a smooth running facility. Keep your employees well informed, not only of your expectations, but what is going on in your environment.  Let them know what the expectations of the entire organization are, not just your own.

4. Don’t be a micro-manager.  Instill trust in your employees. You hired them because you believe they could handle the position that they applied for. By giving them space they will feel the trust and handle the pressure and do a better job. Now they know that you are not hovering around every corner.

5. Give positive feedback.  We know how easy it is to criticize a person’s actions. How much more productive would it be to focus on what is going well and not just the pitfalls of the every day activities? Would this create more positive feelings and fewer frustrations? Remember to always remember to let your employees know how much their efforts are appreciated

6. Encourage personal development. Create projects at work for team and personal development. This enhances the team building and they get to create and set goals not as individuals but as a group that will grow together.

7. Offer professional development opportunities. Providing continuing education, seminars and workshop opportunities expands their knowledge and personal skills. Have them work as a team in discovering new ways to improve and explore in their work environment.

8. Be a team player.  Create a cooperative environment where everyone’s suggestions are welcome and heard. Reflect upon these ideas at the staff meetings and mention them for projects and creative aspects where they work.  Remember that there is potential for growth and change in every idea that is revealed.

9. Consider mediation. If there are issues and concerns in the work force, offer your employees the chance for a professional to mediate their dispute.  Their productivity will rise and the conflict will cease to exist.

10. Keep smiling! Being a supervisor brings with it much stress and responsibility. But it can also be a source of joy and satisfaction.  Communicate to your workers that you enjoy your job and they will more likely do the same for you.   Reflect upon others what you want to be reflected upon you!

Remember, a Happy Staff creates a Happy Work environment!

For more information about Care Home Coaching and my services please visit

Nicole Gruendl
Life and Success Coach

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