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The Healing Touch of Pet Therapy

The Healing Touch of Pet Therapy


As Seen in NW Retirement Magazine!

Truth is our emotional and physical well-being is closely linked. Does it not make sense that people who are ill or disabled would recover faster or be more at ease if they had something to look forward to, to laugh about or to cuddle with? It is a well known fact that the patient’s emotional state often takes a back seat to standard medical procedures.

As a pet owner, you know that animals can have a positive effect on the physical and psychological well being of individuals of all ages.

Having a pet brings out feelings of comfort, love and excitement. Your pet is there to comfort you when you are sad and greet you when you come home. Nobody else can show you the level of unconditional love and loyalty like a pet can. So it is not surprising to know that having a pet can offer great health benefits.

Imagine how you would feel if you and your pet are forced apart? The feelings of sadness, frustration and concerns are the result of when an individual is required to move into a nursing or care home where they will be separated from their pet. They may experience distress knowing that the pet is no longer a part of their lives. Wouldn’t that be devastating to you? This is why Pet Therapy is so important to their well being.

Nursing and care homes can quickly become a very lonely and boring place to be Residents become withdrawn and can even suffer from depression. The introduction of pet therapy means that these people have something to look forward to. Knowing that today is “pet therapy day” brings joy to these people.

“A little boy was lying in his hospital bed, staring at the ceiling. He shuffled over and the dog jumped up on the bed next to the boy and snuggled against him. Tears started streaming from the child’s eyes as he reached out to pet the dog. All he needed in that moment was a hug.”

Interacting with therapy pets brings on a significant improvement to the resident’s health. Their quality of life improves, as does their sense of well-being.

Improvements shown may include:

* Lower Blood Pressure
* Reduced Cholesterol
* Reduced Stress
* Reduced Anxiety
* Improved Self-esteem
* Improved Quality of Life
* A Better Sense of Well-being
* Improved Dexterity
* A Sense of Belonging and Connection

In fact, research has shown that patients who owned a pet were most likely to be alive a year after a heart attack than those without pets.

Also, it was determined that only 6 percent of heart patients who owned pets died within a year compared with 28 percent of people who did not.

Would seeing changes and results like these not make your heart swell with love and amazement? By bringing pet therapy into your facility, you can create these changes.

Specially trained Therapy Pets can either take up residence in nursing and care homes, or they are taken to visit to a facility. The patients and residents are encouraged to stroke, play, and cuddle the animal. Interactions such as these often result in the improved physical health and mental well-being of the patient – and the animals enjoy it too!

During a pet therapy session residents might be asked to do such activities as brushing the animal’s fur, or giving the dog a command. Such tasks allow the residents to exercise their physical, emotional, cognitive and social abilities. But most of all, a pet therapy session gives the residents someone warm and fuzzy to cuddle – a loving recipient of their affection.

A well organized pet therapy program benefits everyone. It gives volunteers the opportunity to provide a well-appreciated service to the community, the animals enjoy getting out into the community, and of course the patients benefit both psychologically and physiologically. They feel loved and special for that is what comes naturally to the animals. They have an intuitive nature and it reflects upon everyone around them. Animals make people smile and feel better…period.

Although dogs are the most popularly used pets in these programs, other animals may also be used. Pet owners or any pet program may include cats, guinea pigs, birds and rabbits.

So why not give it a try? Become a volunteer or suggest such a program in your facility. The results will be amazing!

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God Bless all of our furry friends;

Nicole Gruendl
Expert in creating a harmonious and peaceful workplace

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10 Tips in Creating a Strong Team

10 Tips in Creating a Strong Team


Having a strong team and work foundation in today’s society is imperative for success in any business. Conflict of any sort creates chaos which leads to dysfunction and breakdown. What is worse than communication breakdown within a team that is working with patients and seniors? Get the picture?

Here are so ideas on how you, as the Team Leader, Administrator or Manager can create that calm and easy going work environment that benefits not just you but your staff and all that you come in contact with.

1. Be a role model.  Remember; you are in a position of authority and your staff looks to your for guidance and direction. They will often reflect what you are doing so always to treat them how you would like to be treated.

2.  Maintain open communication.  Open communication is key. Asking questions, talking to your staff and genuinely be concerned about how they are doing. Listen to what they have to say and make them feel and know that you care. Hear their concerns; ask their opinions about how they see things working and let them have input.

3. Share information.  Having weekly meetings is imperative in having a smooth running facility. Keep your employees well informed, not only of your expectations, but what is going on in your environment.  Let them know what the expectations of the entire organization are, not just your own.

4. Don’t be a micro-manager.  Instill trust in your employees. You hired them because you believe they could handle the position that they applied for. By giving them space they will feel the trust and handle the pressure and do a better job. Now they know that you are not hovering around every corner.

5. Give positive feedback.  We know how easy it is to criticize a person’s actions. How much more productive would it be to focus on what is going well and not just the pitfalls of the every day activities? Would this create more positive feelings and fewer frustrations? Remember to always remember to let your employees know how much their efforts are appreciated

6. Encourage personal development. Create projects at work for team and personal development. This enhances the team building and they get to create and set goals not as individuals but as a group that will grow together.

7. Offer professional development opportunities. Providing continuing education, seminars and workshop opportunities expands their knowledge and personal skills. Have them work as a team in discovering new ways to improve and explore in their work environment.

8. Be a team player.  Create a cooperative environment where everyone’s suggestions are welcome and heard. Reflect upon these ideas at the staff meetings and mention them for projects and creative aspects where they work.  Remember that there is potential for growth and change in every idea that is revealed.

9. Consider mediation. If there are issues and concerns in the work force, offer your employees the chance for a professional to mediate their dispute.  Their productivity will rise and the conflict will cease to exist.

10. Keep smiling! Being a supervisor brings with it much stress and responsibility. But it can also be a source of joy and satisfaction.  Communicate to your workers that you enjoy your job and they will more likely do the same for you.   Reflect upon others what you want to be reflected upon you!

Remember, a Happy Staff creates a Happy Work environment!

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Nicole Gruendl
Life and Success Coach

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Coaching and Care Home Conflicts

Coaching and Care Home Conflicts

In any environment where there are people interacting with one another, there will be conflict. We are naturally programmed to go into self defense mode when we feel threatened, whether it be emotional or physical. Seniors or individuals who are used to living independently are no exceptions to that rule.

They are placed in an environment where the choices were not always their own. They have lost the option of when they wake up, eat, or even go to sleep. They have lots all sense of independence and responsibility. Accidents happen, health issues arise, and the fact that they just cannot take care of themselves any longer. This is when the decisions are made for them and now they find themselves in such facilities as your own. This is when disgruntled patients come into play.

Caregivers, some more trained than others, are now faced with such patients. There will be conflicts of interest between the staff and the patients as well as between the co-workers. Many times, the administrators and managers will support their staff and will attempt to sort things out but sometimes there is just too much tension and tempers flare just a little too easy. At other times, however, outside help may be necessary to resolve the conflict within the staff so that they, in turn can ease the tension with the patients. This is where one calls in a mediator and coach.

You may ask why you need to call in a mediator coach if you can handle the situations yourself. Mediation coaching requires someone who is qualified in this field and has the tools to address the problems in a professional manner. Being familiar and having the experience with care home facilities is a major asset for it’s supports in understanding the pressure and chaos that can arise from such an environment. The largest request that we have as coaches etc is that everyone must be a willing candidate for change. More often than not members tend to play the blame game and feel that they should not be involved in such meetings. It’s not their fault, they have no issues, you get the idea. The fact of the matter is this, many of the staff members then to bring their work home with them and vice versa.

If there is conflict at home, it reflects in their work and with their peers. A grudge with a family member can easily be taken out on a patient of another employee. This may not be intentional, but it happens. Unfortunately, it happens more often than not. The conflicts that arise between the employee’s themselves is also a big factor and this cannot go unnoticed or unattended.

The main object to all of this is to clear the resentment, the anger, the fear and all the emotions, no matter where they stem from, and create a wonderful and more loving working environment for all. This ability to push through the objectivity from the staff and create open communication comes with time and experience which is a very useful technique to manage conflict in long-term care settings. This may be something that the administrators and staff managers may not have enough of.
It would also mean that you would have to be completely neutral which makes things a little trying for this conflict has been presented to you previously. You have already been jaded.
Damage control is a serious issue and working with the members to subdue the damage is not a feat that is easily handled. Sometimes it comes from a situation derived from personal issues but can also come from a simple confrontation between two employees.

One final note; every position held in a care facility is a very responsible one indeed. The patients will not always be cooperative or easy to handle but it is the staff’s responsibility to make it as easy as possible for them and for their peers to resolve any issue that may arise.

If the staff is there for the patients, who is there for the staff? You as an administrator or director can only do so much and handle so many conflicts before this too will take a toll on you. Call in some help and you’ll be happy you did!

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Nicole Gruendl
Life and Success Coach

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Bullying and Your Personal Power

Bullying and Your Personal Power

Being a coach, I have become more aware of people who forgo their personal power to avoid confrontation, search for peace, and have acceptance.

These situations come at a great expense to your personal being. You become quiet, lose your self esteem, become confused, often depressed and find that you not longer know who you are.
I have been involved in such situations and have now found my personal power and believe and trust my own personal judgment. My “gut” feeling.
Starting out as a coach in support for single parents and stay at home moms, I often saw such circumstances arise. Many had no self esteem, had no drive left, they were so committed to their family that they lost themselves. And then were put in a situation where they are told that it’s their JOB and that they have not amounted to anything because they don’t have a real job outside the home. All they do is take care of the kids. This is part of my own story.

That exchange of words was quite unsettling for me. I thought of myself as a powerful, intelligent and superb mother and wife. Instead of me standing in my power, I let myself be demeaned over and over again. I wanted stability, I didn’t want any sort of confrontation. I just wanted it all to go away. What happens with this type of scenario is that it strengthens the “bully” and sends the person on the receiving end into more of a downward spiral. This encounter led me to dive deeper into the curious cave of personal power and trust.

Bullying comes is presented in many different ways in life. Amazingly enough, children who bully throughout their younger years feel the need to continue throughout their adulthood. This is the reflection upon many abusive marriages and relationships. The need for control and self preservation is so high they do not care who it affects in their lives. Sadly, this has become such an issue in our society that we have Special days to Stop the abuse.

With reflection from those past moments, I wanted to work and empower women, single, married, stay at home or out in the work force. For may of us carry these burdens from one environment to the next. Owning your power is an integral part of personal happiness, fulfilling connections and achieving your potential. You give your power away when you make someone outside of you more important than what you hold inside of you.
Noticing this not only in your home environment but also in the work place is essential for the staff, the coworkers and the facility in general.
Working in the health care industry, the people that these negatives surroundings affects the most are the patients. What I saw was a conflict with the employees that was not at all what one would expect. They are all here to tend to their patients with love and caring and yet, they have difficulty even talking to their co-workers?
So keeping with your personal power, your essence, you become stronger, more confident and your self esteem will sky rocket. This is a process and it’s a transition that will begin when you say “ I LOVE MYSELF”, and believe it.

These are ways how you give your personal power away :

    –Searching for validation by over powering
    –Wanting approval for every action
    –Losing faith in yourself Forget that you know what you’re doing, and you are good at it.
    –Any boundaries are lost
    –Any self doubt
    –Be intimidated by loud, obnoxious people
    –Be a victim of emotional assaults
    –Go against your personal beliefs
    –Attempting to please everyone around you

    But you can keep your personal power when you:

–Believe in yourself and trust your inner feelings.
–Ask for what you need and want.
–Believe the fact that you have earned the respect from others
–Be non judgmental. Do onto others as you would like done to you
–Spend time with like minded people
–Never stop being the loving and caring person you know yourself to be
–Learn to say “No” and mean it, no matter what the outcome

Owning your power means speaking your truth, honoring your sensitivity, and believing in yourself. Your life experience, education, personal relationships, and curiosity make you wise.  Always believe in yourself and if need be, tell the bullies to shove off!

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Buddha

Nicole Gruendl
Life Success Coach

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8 Tips for Mental Health & Fitness

8 Tips for Mental Health & Fitness


1. Build Confidence

Identify your abilities and weaknesses together, accept them improve on them and never lose sight of your goals, you can succeed.

2. Eat right, Keep fit

A balanced diet, exercise and rest can help you to reduce stress and enjoy life.

3. Make Time for Family and Friends

These relationships need to be nurtured; if taken for granted they will not be there to share life’s joys and sorrows.

4. Give and Accept Support

Friends and family relationships thrive when they are “put to the test”.

5. Create a Meaningful Budget

Financial problems cause stress. Over-spending on our “wants” instead of our “needs” is often the culprit.

6. Manage Stress

We all have stress ors in our lives but learning how to deal with them when they threaten to overwhelm us will maintain our mental health.

7. Find Strength in Numbers

Sharing a problem with others who have had similar experiences may help you find a solution and will make you feel less isolated.

8. Identify and Deal with Moods

We all need to find safe and constructive ways to express our feelings of anger, sadness, joy and fear. Exercise is the best release, no one gets hurt and you will feel better after words.

Chris Sine
Fitness Trainer

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Some of the Most Common Single Parent Struggles

Some of the Most Common Single Parent Struggles

While most of us know how difficult and trying it can be as parents; think of working through all of our stuff without someone, partner, to support us through all of it. Single parenting just tends to be a little more trying and difficult than being part of a 2 parent family. Not only do you have to play the roles of both parents, but you’re financially responsible for a set of bills that are usually paid by two incomes.

Here are some of the most common single parent struggles with tips and strategies on how to overcome them.

Illness: When illness strikes in the single parent household, this time can be very trying. Sometimes even more so if it’s the parent who is ill. As a single parent, there is nobody to fall back on so you are able to recuperate. The need to be available to your child or children at all times is ever so present, depending on the age of the family members. A parent struggling with poor health will still feel the need to get on with household matters depending on the age of the children. This down time will also affect the financial income for some time may be taken off.
When the children are sick, it may require the parent to take time off work to care for them, bringing further financial hardship. There is never any reprieve from a sick child and their need to be comforted.

Money challenges: Going from a double income to little or no income can become the most overwhelming issue to overcome. Being responsible for your own monthly payments becomes a big deal indeed. If you find yourself in a dilemma where there never seems to be sufficient funds to make your payments, think of simplifying or even downsizing. Rid yourself of any extra expenses that you may have incurred while you were bringing in two incomes and make life as simple and easy as possible.
Some ideas on how to be more frugal:
Clip coupons
Shop the sales at your local grocery store
Review all of your bills and consolidate services if possible
Shopping Goodwill stores for your household needs
Buy less expensive computers for children

Selecting Safe and Affordable Child Care: Many single parents are at the mercy of the childcare available in their area. We all want the best in childcare and look for but that for our children. Sometimes the best comes with a with a condition; a higher cost. Private daycares are available along with the different childcare centers. Shop and compare charges and services that they have to offer. Ask each one for references and check to see if there are any financial assistance opportunities available like reduced price lunches.

Discussing Life Matters and Gender Issues: Talking to your child about the facts of life may be a little uncomfortable. Especially when our children are the opposite sex and they have a tendency to feel uncomfortable about this life’s subject. A mom may have a hard time teaching her sons about the things a dad would normally cover and a single father may have difficulties talking about female issues with his daughters. If there is an uncomfortable situation that presents itself in this manner, you should enlist the help of a favorite aunt or uncle or a close family friend to act as a “surrogate parent” for your child. It may be easier for your child to open up to this other significant adult and facilitate this whole process and lessen the pressure and tension that may arise.

The World’s Pressure on You: When there’s only one parent in the household, all of the family responsibilities lay on that person’s shoulders. House Chores, cooking, cleaning, yard word, financial concerns and monitoring, being a chauffeur, and every day tasks of being a parent this makes it that there is not much time for you. It’s easy to see that every single parent needs a break every so often. Make sure you take a break to revive yourself and re-energize. Look for a local teenager who could use some extra money, even if it’s just for a few hours. Maybe even drop them off at a family member for a few hours, giving you the option to do what you want not what you need to do.

The Feeling of Being Alone and Lost: Being a single parent have a difficult time relating to people who do not have children and find themselves isolated at one time or another. They find it difficult to associate with singles who cannot comprehend the responsibility that being a single parent brings. If you find yourself feeling a bit lonely and you want to communicate with people who can relate to what you’re going through, look into joining a nearby support group for single parents. Besides just chatting with other adults and exchanging thoughts and ideas, you may meet a new friend and enlarge your social circle.
After the separation occurs, the parents much be aware that there are emotional turmoils that are transpiring within our children. Often these children often blame themselves for the parent leaving. As they are children, they cannot process the situation without emotion.

Schooling: Taking care of the children’s needs at school is another challenge for the single parent, having to be available for school visits, being home in time after school and dealing with any concerns arising for their children during school hours.

Dating and the Introduction: The timing for introduction will vary for each individual. It’s a situation where you need to be aware of the surrounding and how many people you are dating. Introducing your children to each individual that you have dinner with may not be the most appropriate. While it’s never good to hide a growing relationship from your child, watch that they don’t become emotionally involved with someone you’re dating unless you really think the relationship is going somewhere. This may be an appropriate time to plan an outing and see how they “get along” and possibly move the relationship to a deeper level. Remember, your children will be sensitive to anyone who “tries to take their parent away” from them. There will be some explanation as these relationships progress and move forward. Be aware of the feelings and emotions that become involved as time progresses. Sometimes it happens, but try to minimize the revolving door.

If a child has one stable adult in their lives , they will be thrive. It is your responsibility to be THAT person.

Nicole Gruendl
Life and Success Coach

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Moms and Life Coaching

As a Single Mom and taking on a new Career as a Life Coach I never knew how difficult it could be to find out my true self or what it even was! I forgot how much I was wrapped up in my child’s life and just life in general, just making ends meet. So much so that I really didn’t see the real struggle it takes to find out that I was sometimes overwhelmed and forgot who I really was.
So much of our lives are wrapped into our family and the role we have as mother, wife, homemaker, chef, driver, it seems that there is never enough time in a day to get things done. That and let alone thinking about ourselves and our well being. Life is trying and until you have a clearly designated time for everything, you will never achieve full success in any area

I do not feel that I speak for just myself or coming from a position as a life coach, I believe I speak for many women out there who are in similar or have been in similar positions as this.
It takes so much for us, as women, to express and say “hey I can’t do this all on my own”. Yes, we are sometimes portrayed as been invincible and the best caretakers. “Mommy knows best.” But as we teach our children and families to balance their lives, who is there supporting us on our own path?
Have you ever found yourself just laying in bed thinking, “there has to be something better out there for me.”

Life Coaching has supported me in reprogramming my train of thought. Learning to believe in myself and that when you listen to your heart and “your gut” you know that your happiness is at your finger tips. With these simple tools, the balance and structure in your and your family life will come with more ease, less stress and demand. This all makes it for a happier and better place. Life is all about Choices and it’s up to you to make the one that works for you and your family. Finding the light in your life, wherever that may come from, is essential for your personal growth. Finding the right coach to support you in this search is imperative.

The first step in working with my clients is finding their Essence, the words that best describe them from their heart and soul; their being. It’s all about truly believing in the process and knowing what your life purpose it. Trusting you!
Think of this. Coaching is the gateway to your greatness and of endless possibility. What does possibility look like for you? Can you imagine creating a list of goals and actually have them flourish? What have you given yourself the right to dream? Are you where you imagined you’d be this time, this year? What are your greatest dreams?
What IS Holding YOU Back?
Is there a lack of physical or mental Energy?
What is your Life purpose?
Your inability to set clear Goals?
Do you have the ability to make solid Plans?
Is it prioritizing?
Your ability to get and stay Organized?
Is it your Attitude?
OR SIMPLY: Are you afraid of your greatness?
Step into your power, follow your heart and your desires and dreams will follow! Create the life that you want, create what is best for you mom, the foundation of the family life.

This give a whole new meaning to the quote “if Mom isn’t happy, nobody is happy.”

Believe in yourself! Put your trust in YOU and trust in your coach!

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15 Tips for a Positive Attitude

15 Tips for a Positive Attitude

Have you ever noticed how you feel when you are around positive and happy people?  How easy is it for you to maintain an angry or frustrated state when someone is laughing and smiling all the time?  No matter how bad the circumstances or how frustrated things may seem, they never let things get them down.   But let’s be honest, it can be a little trying at times to keep the smile on our face when things get a little tough.  This is why I put together this short but effective list on how you can alter your “state” by just doing a few simple exercises!

  • Take a 30 minute walk every day and smile while you walk.
  • Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day.
  • When you wake up in the morning complete the following statement:
    ‘My purpose is to____ today.’
  • Make time to practice meditation, yoga, tai chi, and prayer.
  • Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants and eat less processed food. Drink green tea and plenty of water
  • Clear your clutter from your house, your car, your desk to make room for the new flow of energy. Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful.
  • Invest your energy in the positives in life.  Don’t waste it on negative thoughts or things you cannot control.
  • Say out loud “Life is good!”
  • Life is too short to waste time being angry and hating anyone.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others’. They have their own journey to pursue.
  • Burn the new candles, use the nice bed sheets. Today is THAT special occasion.
  • No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.
  • Live with the 3 E’s — Energy, Enthusiasm, and Empathy
  • Each night before you go to bed complete the following statements:

“I am thankful for ___.’ Today I accomplished ____.


  • Never, EVER forget to DANCE!

Nicole Gruendl
Life and Success Coach

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